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Classic Porsche 911. Original is best…or is it?

Here we have, in the showroom, two classic 911. Both of them, to my eye, really attractive, and I’m guessing if you are reading this, they will be to you too.

It’s not unusual for clients to be talking about things like matching numbers, originality and 911 that are just as they came out of the factory, and there is a beauty in those cars.

But part of the appeal of the Porsche 911, and the 356 model that came before, is that it’s always been acceptable to modify, change, and improve the cars as you like. Now, if you owned a Ferrari Dino, changing from original might be considered sacrilege, but not with a Porsche. After all, the factory had their own “Special Wishes” (Sonderwerks) and motorsport departments that created whatever, within reason, what the customer wanted. So, it is ok!

But here, which one is which? An original or a special build?

You would need keen eyes to identify.

First, the red car. This early 3.2 from 1984 is both original and special. Special because it was ordered from the Sonderwerks in a one off colour, with an unusual choice of interior. The colour in this instance was from the 356 range, and is Polo Red, a little more cherry or dark than the typical red. Nowadays, special colours are more limited from the factory and called ‘Paint to Sample’…so, this example is the only impact bumper car I have ever seen in this beautiful shade.

Meanwhile the interior, this stands out too as it’s a fully leather car and has a dark blue interior. It’s original, and has a lovely patina, I like that as it shows character and tells a story. So, this is the original, and now with a refurbished transmission, a beautiful body, and a fresh top end rebuild, this 911 will give you the experience of 1984. Fabulous.

The yellow car meanwhile, is a Targa that gives the appearance of a 1972 911 S. It’s correct, even down to the oil filler on the right-hand rear wing. Narrow body, brightwork, and correct period colour. It looks genuine and would fool even the most keenly eyed 911 enthusiast…that is until you drive it.

It was built upon a 911 3.0, and has a lot of really ‘trick’ technical improvements that you can see described on our website. This means we have a classic 911 that drives much more like a modern car. Entertaining performance, terrific soundtrack, and a 911 that shows no ‘history’, and no previous life patina…it looks almost ‘as new’. On a nice day with the roof stowed in the front luggage compartment, there is little better.

Neither of them are cheap, quality is just not ‘cheap’, it can’t be. But cheap can become very expensive very quickly if you get your purchase wrong. Let us help you realise your dream, whether it’s owning a classic Porsche, or you would like to improve, rebuild, or change your own Porsche…we can help.

Meanwhile feast your eyes, for these are both UNIQUE and once sold, will not be duplicated.

Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2 manual coupe 1984


Porsche 911 S Backdate Targa

Both cars can be seen in action in the video below.

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