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Five Cabriolet Top Tips


It’s that time of year when you start thinking about getting the roof down, so here are five top tips from Williams Crawford to making sure you’re prepared…

1. Maintaining your roof using a cleaner and protective product is recommended to protect from weather and environment damage.

2. If you experience any clicks, uneven mechanism, latch issues with your roof it is advisable to resolve it before it fails.

3. Sunny weather encourages us to venture out, bear in mind the inclement weather we often experience. We recommend checking the drains channels for blockages caused by road muck and tree litter which can build up in the channels particularly after heavy rainfall.

4. If you experience wind noise this can often be improved with fine adjustment.

5. The incorrect adjustment of windows can over time damage the fitment.
Our workshop services cover all aspects of servicing and maintaining your cabriolet roof. We can repair, rebuild or replace from a back window to a full top.

If you need help or advice on your cabriolet, please contact our service team.

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