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Motorsport is part of our DNA

Prior to the journey out to Saint Goueno this week, our competing cars have resided in the motorsport department, alongside a couple other entries from our friends and customers, awaiting shipment out to France for the event.

We’ve discussed before the breadth and ability of our motorsport team, but the car itself is just as important as the preparations we perform. Our entered cars are all Porsche ranging from 3.0 SC’s, up to a 997 and 981 Cayman, and a little bit of homework is enough to see why.

Over the years Porsche have accrued 19 Le Mans victories, 12 World Sportscar championship wins, 18 Daytona 24 hours wins, and a total of over 30,000 category wins resulting in one of the most successful racing lineages in history. Of course, this total doesn’t account for smaller events and private racing teams, where you’ll find even more success from groups such as Manthey Racing and TRG (The Racer’s Group).

Success was also found off circuit, with 3 Monte-Carlo rally double-wins in 1968, 1960 and 1970, all performed in homologated road-going 911 models. Dedicated rally cars also saw victory with the legendary 911 RSR and original 718 track cars, gathering a total of 11 wins at the Targa Florio Rally.

What do we know?

We compete with Porsche too, though not at the level of Daytona or Le Mans.

Nowadays, I have the opportunity to compete with a 40 year old 911 SC in historic rallying and look after various friends with similar cars…you might be amazed at what they are capable of.

My 911 SC has taken me to Switzerland for an FIA tarmac rally, and on the way, the van failed in Dijon, and the only choice was to drive it the rest of the way. It’s durable. 

It’s also easier to drive than you may think, what it lacks in outright horsepower (204hp) it wins with responsiveness and agility. We had our engine builder, Paul, refresh the engine and transmission, our Motorsport man Josh sorted the suspension, and it gave me a 911 SC that’s at the top of its game. That’s all that’s required.

This 911 has proven durable and quick, demolishing rather more exotic machinery. What about the handling? People always talk about going off the road backwards, but my experience is that if you are not clumsy, it’s really friendly. It tightens its line with a little lift and digs in, and then goes once on the throttle. Brakes are Ferodo DS1.1 on standard callipers and discs…and they do the job with zero doubt.

We also use a 997 GT3 cup car, a factory-built racer. This is one of Richard’s competition Porsche. It is much more sophisticated, and benefits from the adjustability of the suspension setup. Richard has used it many times and it has proven competitive and exciting.

Whether it’s driving the classic 911 or the GT3, or even the Boxster race car, one thing remains true….you get a glimpse of what it would have been like, staring at the big rev counter, with the flat six screaming, going down the Mulsanne straight doing 200 mph at Le Mans, or sliding through the top of the Col de Turini in the Monte Carlo rally.

This is just a glimpse, but enough to give me goosebumps, and feel connected with that heritage.

All Porsche have a link to technologies and developments from decades of Motorsport participation.

It’s fabulous.

Don’t forget to keep an eye on our social media over the coming days to see more of the Saint Goueno rally, and our team in action.

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