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1973 911 RS Carrera Touring RHD – From boxes of bits to world class beauty.

A restoration by Williams Crawford’s Master Craftsman, Graham Kidd.

Our aim was to recreate this rare Porsche to the original factory specification, and we’re very proud of this Porsche, it has been a privilege to handle such a machine.

This 911 arrived in pieces, a failed restoration from another company. The bodyshell was completely bare and all the other parts were boxed up. Receiving an already disassembled car is no favour. It takes a considerable amount of time to assess, to check if every single component is present and record the condition of each piece.

Our aim was to recreate this rare Porsche to the original factory specification. The only change, on our client’s request, was to omit the ‘Carrera’ lettering.

Fortunately, this 911 had survived well with a minimal amount of corrosion. We were able to sympathetically repair small areas leaving much of the original metal intact.

The repairs are invisible, any welds duplicate the original factory method. Whilst the bodyshell was being dealt with, the other components were inspected and either refurbished or replaced.

The policy with this build was to re-use as much as we could. All the brightwork is original, the wheels were simply cleaned. Even the original carpet was carefully cleaned and refitted. This is what makes this car so special, it shows its age and its history rather than being a brand-new machine made from parts.

Rebuilding a Porsche of this value (somewhat north of £500,000) is a massive responsibility. Get the details right and it might easily be worth £150,000 more than a less accurate restoration. That is why we took the trouble to refurbish the original indicator lenses, rather than simply replace with later copies. Whilst there, we made the nylon washers that fit on the screws that secure them. No one will notice, but if you are doing it to the highest standard, the philosophy must continue throughout the restoration.

This particular 911 is very rare, with only two right hand drives made in Glacier Blue and 16 of this colour delivered in total Worldwide. Only 92 RHD RS Touring were built. Other notable features on this car are the factory sunroof, the rear wiper, limited slip differential and alloy flat engine lid instead of the usual ducktail.

We are very proud of this Porsche restoration; it has been a privilege to handle such a machine, and now it’s with its new owner in Hong Kong.

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