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The Porsche 915 Gearbox – Let’s Take a Closer Look

The Porsche 915 gearbox was introduced in 1972 and used in 911 models until the 1986 model year. Working as intended, it is a joy to use and pretty robust. Even the legendary 2.7 Carrera RS of 1973 employed this transmission.

One of its features is its weight, coming in at approximately 11kg lighter than the later G50-equipped models. This weight advantage, particularly considering its placement in the vehicle, along with a smaller and lighter flywheel clutch assembly has long been appreciated by enthusiasts and competitors alike.

However, some criticise the transmission unfairly. The truth is that many 915 transmissions have not been well maintained and the way they operate suffers. We are specialists in the refurbishment or rebuild of 915 Porsche gearboxes.

Typical issues that we address are vague gear selection, crunching between gears or whining from the bearings.

Too many owners have applied the wrong approach, or repair. Quick shifters do not help when fundamentals are at fault. We often refurbish the gear linkage, replacing worn-out bushings, and coupler prior to deciding if a short shift kit is desirable.

Internally, crunching between gears, excessive gearbox noise usually indicates that a rebuild is due. We typically replace synchronizer parts, whilst inspecting the other components whilst we are ‘in there’.

In addition, we also offer limited slip differentials and can provide alternative gear ratios to match your specific requirements.

The clutch and its mechanism must also come under scrutiny, correct adjustment is vital and rarely present, whilst wear in any of the linkage, cable or operating arm, pedal bushing or actual clutch components all make a massive difference to clutch weight, smooth operation and driving enjoyment.

If you own a 911 equipped with a 915 gearbox, and are less than happy with it, contact us. Whether you ship the transmission or bring your car to our shop we can advise and rectify any issues.

Watch this video delving deep into the 915 Gearbox with Richard Williams…

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