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Why is wheel alignment important?

At Williams Crawford, we have been aligning our own wheels for many years and we’re proud to say that we’re experts! The reason we started doing this is because we found it hard to get accurate wheel alignment done by someone else, so we invested in some really good equipment and completed the specialist training.

We know that accurate wheel alignment applies to all models of Porsche, and actually to any car you own. When your road car has accurate wheel alignment, you’ll get better mileage out of your tyres, have more secure handling, a more positive feel, and better stability – which is exactly why we drive a Porsche!

The cost of having wheel alignment easily outweighs the cost of having to replace a couple of tyres on your Porsche. If you check your whole tyre tread, you might find that it’s more heavily worn on the inside or the outside. This is a sign that you have some form of suspension geometry problem, if so book it in for us to investigate using our wheel alignment equipment.

Unlike the main dealer (OPC) we can adjust the settings to suit you as the driver, for different suspension systems, or even for track use. It’s also worth noting that we’re one of the few people who have the special tool to do the correct alignment on Porsche 993’s.

We’re passionate about providing you with the best driving experience possible, accurate wheel alignment is an important part of that. So, if you need your wheels aligned, come on in and we’ll take care of you!

Wheel alignment terminology used:

  • Toe is the alignment of the wheels compared to parallel.
  • Camber is the amount that the wheels lean in.
  • Castor is important for the way that the car feels through the steering and how it turns into the corners.

If your car pulls one way, the steering wheel isn’t straight when going in a straight line, or there is any sign of abnormal wear on your tyres, wheel alignment is your answer, and we have the tools to do it right.

Here's what Keith Seume had to say about our wheel alignment services...

Having recently replaced suspension bushes and the steering rack on my Porsche 914 hillclimb car, I needed to have a full four-wheel alignment carried out by the team at Williams-Crawford. Over the years I’ve used many specialists for such work, but I couldn’t fail to be impressed by the fastidious care taken by Josh as he carried out the alignment to suit the particular requirements of a competition-oriented vehicle. To say that I was blown away by the result would be an understatement, for the car has never before felt so good. The handling is much sharper than before, the turn-in more precise. Thanks Josh - now the hillclimb season has started, it’s all down to me…and the stopwatch!

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