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Would you like a unique picture of your own car?

Pictured is an original piece of art produced by Mark Dawson as a commission of Adrian’s race car. It’s stunning.

Let us introduce Mark Dawson, he creates original motorsport artwork for the enthusiast.

Mark has an interesting background story as to how he got to this point of offering fine art prints and his approach to producing these. On his website you will see there is the gallery where you can find some prints to purchase. There is also the option for something that little bit more special, such as a privately commissioned piece, the cost for these is approximately £300-£450.

Mark will discuss in detail your individual piece and work with you to create that perfect piece of art you’ve always wanted.

Ever since he posted his first automotive illustration on Instagram @mdawsonart he has received requests and undertaken private commissions and says it has always been a really enjoyable process for him.

Mark Dawson

“I genuinely love creating the art pieces, everything from researching the subject and getting every little detail as accurate as possible through to seeing the final piece printed and framed. I like to hope that because I’m so enthusiastic about the things I’m drawing, the final artwork looks better as a result.

Don’t just take our word for it, have a look on his website and social media to see more of the artwork he has produced. It could even be the perfect gift for the enthusiast.

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