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75 Years of Porsche

The Williams Crawford Journey.

Join us on a journey through the remarkable story of Williams Crawford, a tale that has unfolded over the span of 32 years. While you may come across numerous accounts of this journey, we invite you to join us as we celebrate our own beginnings.

It all started with Adrian’s father, Pat, who ran a thriving motorcycle business just a stone’s throw away from our current location. Pat possessed a deep passion for all things fast and in 1980, he acquired his first Porsche—a vibrant yellow gold 1973 911 2.4 T Targa.

This Porsche caught Adrian’s attention, igniting his own desire to own one. In 1983, Adrian’s dream came true when he purchased a signal yellow 1973 911 2.4 T Targa for £3300. The catch? It was found in a field, and thus began Adrian’s first Porsche restoration project.

In 1991, Adrian embarked on his own journey by venturing into the world of dealing with Porsches, gradually building his expertise. By the mid-90s, it became feasible to acquire superior Porsches within a given budget by purchasing them from Germany. And what made it even more thrilling? Adrian would drive these gems back home on the Autobahn, putting them through rigorous tests before arriving back home.

This is where Richard entered the picture. Growing up in the garage business, Richard had his own business located just a mile away, specialising in preparing and servicing the Porsche that Adrian brought back. He shared Adrian’s love for the speed and precision that Porsche offered.

This harmonious arrangement lasted until 2013 when these two like-minded Porsche enthusiasts joined forces under one roof to offer both sales and servicing. Thus, Williams Crawford was born.

As we fast-forward to the present day of 2023, let’s reflect on our journey thus far.

Our humble beginnings revolved around servicing and preparing our own sales cars. Today, we provide comprehensive service and maintenance for the entire range of Porsche models.

We have even established a connection to the Porsche Factory through our Porsche Partner Network. Led by Pete, our team of skilled technicians successfully handles the diverse range of models with exceptional expertise.

With the arrival of Graham Kidd, we introduced restoration services. Graham, with a lifetime of experience restoring vintage Porsches, enabled us to not only offer Porsche restoration, but also to offer bespoke built Porsche through our Special Request Department. Currently, a team under Graham’s guidance takes care of engine and transmission builds, restoration projects, Special Request orders, and Motorsport endeavours.

A very small selection of the cars that have passed through our hands over the years…
Our passion for Porsche continues to grow…

Five years ago, Anthony joined us as our Head of Business, bringing his own deep passion for Porsche to the table. His invaluable management expertise has played a pivotal role in the growth of our business, which becomes necessary as a business expands its horizons.

Today, in the digital age, creating an appealing business image is easily accomplished. However, what cannot be replicated is the genuine Passion for Porsche that every member of our team possesses. Nor can we overlook the millions of miles we have collectively covered, driving Porsche and accumulating priceless experience from buying, selling, repairing, rejecting, and restoring tens of thousands of Porsches since we began 1991.

We must also acknowledge the exceptional work of Andy Pearce. Andy is one of our sales team and celebrates a momentous milestone by serving and delivering his 500th car. If you have never met him, he defies the stereotypical image of a car salesman, by being open, honest and helpful. Andy was quick to point out that it can’t happen without the team. Every one of our 26 members has a part to play here.

You may have just stumbled upon this blog, or you might be one of the thousands of individuals who receive our newsletter, either way, like us, we know you share our Passion for Porsche, so we want you to know that we are here to help you.

Your needs are what drive us forward, and we are grateful for the opportunity to do business with you, regardless of your location, or your requirements.

We also saw this great short video on instagram from the guys @hossdesignusa and it shows the evolution of Porsche (not all models) in just a few seconds. Use your QR scanner or camera to scan the QR. Alternatively, you can click on the QR code to take you to the video.

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