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Adrian Crawford’s Top Tips for Choosing & Maintaining Tyres for Your Porsche

When it comes to choosing the right tyres for your Porsche, there are several factors to consider. As someone who has been involved in motorsport and Porsche ownership for many years, I’d like to share my insights on what you should look out for.

Budget or Performance Tyres?

Firstly, I would always recommend going for a good brand name tyre. The difference in performance between budget and good brands is significant. A good quality tyre can make a huge difference in how long it takes to stop, and how the car handles in wet or dry conditions. Most Porsche owners will be recommended to use N rated tyres, which are specifically tested and approved by Porsche. Some N rated tyres have a different construction to optimise handling for the characteristics of a Porsche.

However, we understand that some owners may require more flexibility than looking at N rated tyres, and that’s where we come in. We can talk through your needs and suggest economic alternatives that we’ve experienced work well. Or, if you’re looking for greater performance and grip for track use, we can recommend tyres that will work best for your specific needs.

Does the tyre age affect performance?

An important factor to consider is the age of your tyres. As tyres age, they become less effective, less grip or can potentially fail. Check the age of your tyres by looking at the oblong box on the tyre. The age is usually displayed as a four-digit number, with the first two digits representing the week of production and the last two digits representing the year. For example, 1214 would mean that the tyre was produced in March 2014.

Tread depth.

Tread depth is also crucial for safe driving. Inspect the entire tread from inside to outside, as a tyre may look like it has plenty of tread on the outside but could be worn down on the inside. For wet weather driving, it’s recommended to have a tread depth of at least 3mm, to adequately disperse water.

Do you need to consider the tyre pressures?

Maintaining proper tyre pressure is also essential for safety and performance. Invest in a digital tyre pressure gauge and check the manufacturer’s recommendations. These are usually displayed on a sticker located in the door jam, engine bay, or filler flap. And please, don’t confuse bar with PSI!

Taking to the Track.

For those of you who take your Porsche to the track, it’s important to keep a close eye on your tyre pressure. Tyres can come under a lot of stress during track use, causing temperatures and pressures to rise significantly. After your first session, I recommend checking your tyres and reducing the pressures down to the factory-recommended settings. Typically, the left rear tyre will get the hottest, so we may take 10 PSI from the left rear to bring it down to the right level. Running your tyres at the correct temperature will result in better grip, and a more enjoyable experience on the track.

When you’re heading home from the track, increase your tyre pressures back to normal again.

I hope these tips help you maintain your Porsche tyres and keep you safe on the road or track.

If you have any questions or need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us, or head over to our service page and submit a service request and one of our team will get in touch.

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