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Do Previous Owners Relate to Condition?

Andy Pearce explores the question and shares his views on the subject.

One of the first things I often get asked from potential customers is how many previous owners the Porsche has had. This got me thinking about why people ask this question and is a low owner car always a positive thing.

Initially you may think this a sensible question to ask but having sold over 500 Porsche in the past four years I’m convinced that a number on a piece of paper gives you no indication as to the condition or quality of the car in question.

Whilst the perfect one-owner, full service history cars do exist there are also many one owner examples that as time goes by become less special to the original buyer. Regular servicing becomes less regular,  less thorough and those little jobs that ought to be done get put on the back burner for another day due to a lack of use or desire.

On the flip side many 10 owner Porsches have an impeccable history including all the extra ongoing maintenance work that you would hope had been done. Multiple new owners often ensure multiple honeymoons where lots of prep has been done for each new owner by supplying dealers.

To sum up condition, dealer preparation, history and maintenance are the key factors when choosing that special car. Less in terms of owners is not always more.

Give myself or Ross a call to discuss what you are looking for in a car, with over 80 Porsche in stock and an ever changing list, we may just have what you are after. 

If you have something specific in mind you can always send us a detailed request, by filling in our Porsche Finder Enquiry here, and we’ll come back to you.


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