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Does colour make the car?

Our thoughts on colour choices.

It was a question Harry asked, how does colour affect the sales of different cars? It took us on a journey looking at the different Porsche in our showroom and workshop.

What do you think? Is it the single most important factor or not?

In the years from 1998 to about 2012 it was so rare to find a Porsche in any unusual colour. Prior to that, we would see special order or paint to sample colours on some, and only in the last 10 years have Porsche seen the value in being able to offer paint to sample (PTS) ranges of colour.

Trends change. Red was a favourite of the 80’s, so that’s where we started with the video by looking at a restored 911 SC that on first glance looks standard but actually holds a secret, we also have recently sold a 997 in red (very rare), and we have a 993 in red (again rare).

Many of the colours are re-introduced with new names and a slight change to their make-up due to the use now of water-based paint. Smoke silver, aka GT silver, on our lovely 718 was Zinc silver from the 70’s.

What about shark blue? Does this suit an aggressive car like the GT4RS we have in stock? Or is it better on a Spyder?  Lava orange isn’t commonplace, but we had three at the same time, a 718 Cayman and two 991…all sold quickly.

Other vivid colours include the Light Yellow on the 1970’s 911 Targa, and the gorgeous Peridot green of our really special Cayman R ‘RS’. All of these colours were normal, or special order, rather than paint to sample. Even the 964 RS in Murano blue…that was never vivid, nor popular in its day…but now looks awesome on this car.

Harry pointed out about the various white’s, and whilst parking two next to one another the subtle difference was apparent.

So, colours; I think they fall into the easy to accept black, grey, silver and dark blue, or the bolder sharper racing yellow, shark blue, oranges, and the unusual. Soft or hard? Which one’s work on open tops or coupe? Which work with different interior colour and wheels?

Money…what do we value the most?  Whilst the most ‘popular’ colours are the blacks, greys silvers, and blues, with the special colours being less common, but then for a person that wants a special colour, they have less to choose from. Fortunately, we don’t all like the same things.

What is our advice? Nowadays red doesn’t fade like once they did, so they are as safe as the next colour. Our main advice? Buy something that you love the look of, after all you will be the one seeing a lot of it. So, choose something that really suits, makes you feel good, and you can’t go wrong.

And if you have one that you would like to change colour of, our restoration team can assist.

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