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How Do You Use Your Porsche?

Last week, we indulged in the owning and cruising a Porsche. Today, join us as we embark on an exciting journey alongside Nick Schon, and his partner, as he shares his Italian Porsche adventure.

Additionally, we’ll catch up with the Westcountry Porsche Drivers, who recently embarked on an adrenaline-pumping trip to the renowned Nürburgring.

And, as anticipation builds, we’ll also share our thoughts on the Castle Combe Grand Finals Day, where both Adrian and Richard will be revving up for some exhilarating races.

The Perfect Season for Porsche Adventures

Nick’s choice of the season for his Italian escapade couldn’t have been better. The allure of traveling this time of year lies in the promise of quieter roads, temperate weather, and the chance to witness Italy’s ever-changing landscapes.

Nick’s Italian adventure is more than just a road trip; it is a testament to well-maintained classic cars. His 1981 Porsche 911 Targa reaffirms the fact that these classics can be enjoyed all year around on all sorts of adventures. 

The journey so far has taken him through France, over the Alps, and down to the beautiful Italian lakes. Along the way, he encountered just one technical challenge, like a broken key. However, Nick’s carried a spare key. This incident serves as a valuable lesson for all travelers, a magnetic key box hidden discreetly under the car can be a lifesaver.

The route so far has been nothing short of spectacular, taking them through destinations such as Avallon, Geneva, Milan, Garda, Pistoia, Bologna, Rome, Sienna, and Parma, to name just a few. It’s a journey that showcases the diversity of Italy, from its historic cities to its picturesque countryside.

We extend our thanks to Nick for generously sharing his journey with us. His use of the Polar Steps app to document and share his adventure is a brilliant way to bring his travels to life for fellow enthusiasts and dreamers alike. It’s an inspiration to all of us to get out there and make our own Porsche adventures a reality.

Whilst we leave Nick to continue his Italy trip we now share the journey from the Westcountry Drivers group who recently embarked on an equally exciting adventure of their own. They didn’t just tour through Germany; they conquered the legendary Nürburgring.

A Memorable Expedition to Nürburgring

The Westcountry Porsche Drivers group, consisting of 11 passionate enthusiasts, set off on a tour to Germany with a convoy of eight cars. Among them were seven Porsches and a Mustang. For many in the group, this marked their first time taking their cars on a European adventure, including the Channel Tunnel and driving on the continent. What made this journey even more special is that none of them had ever been to the Nürburgring before.

The journey to their destination was not without its challenges, experiencing adverse weather conditions during their travels. However, once they arrived at the Nürburgring, the sun shone and the temperature rose.

Amidst the adventure, there were significant milestones to celebrate. Richard marked his 60th birthday while on the trip, adding a special touch to the journey. Additionally, Martin’s car celebrated its 20th birthday on the following day.

The group seized the opportunity to embrace the Nürburgring experience fully with Paul and Diane, two members of the group, experiencing the track from both sides. They took on the Nürburgring in a Cayman with an instructor, gaining valuable insights into the track. But the real highlight came when they were taken on a 8-minute lap by a Professional Racing Driver in a 992 GT3 RS – an experience that surely left them breathless.

The atmosphere throughout the weekend was electric, and it’s safe to say that a fantastic time was had by all. The Nürburgring experience left everyone with a desire for more, and the consensus is clear – they want to go again!

If you’re contemplating a trip of your own, remember that we’re here to help. Whether you’re planning a journey like this or something entirely different, give us a call beforehand. We can offer valuable tips, check your car to ensure it’s ready for the road, or provide any assistance you may need to make your adventure a reality.

Castle Combe GT Championship Race – featuring Adrian and Richard

Richard and I have decided to embrace a different kind of thrill – racing at the Castle Combe GT Championship Grand Finale 7th October 2023. Castle Combe, conveniently located just a couple of hours away from us, is where the action is.,

We’ve entered with two Porsche. Richard will be taking his 2007 997 GT3 cup car equipped with a sequential gearbox – a proper racing machine. While he’s no stranger to the world of cars, this will be Richard’s first venture into racing. His prior experience lies in rallying, so it’s a bold step onto the grid at Castle Combe for the two-part race.

As for me, I’ll be on the grid in a Porsche Boxster, a car that’s essentially a club-level racer from back in the day and essentially stock. However, here’s where the challenge lies – the Castle Combe GT Championship is an open series.

Unlike many racing series with strict regulations, this open series allows participants to bring whatever cars they have. We haven’t extensively modified or optimized our cars, which puts us at a disadvantage against competitors who’ve spent years fine-tuning their vehicles.

Castle Combe is known for being a fast and challenging track, making it a thrilling yet demanding venue for our racing debut. While we expect to be out of our depth in terms of car modification and performance compared to the Championship contenders, we’re excited to be on the grid.

We’ll have a lot to learn and, honestly, who knows where we’ll be on the starting grid. One thing is for sure – we won’t be at the front of the pack. We’ll be right in the thick of things, which promises an exciting race on the high-speed Castle Combe track.

One aspect we’re banking on is the reliability and setup of our cars. We’ve taken care to ensure they’re as well-prepared as possible. Additionally, we’ve fitted them with Pirelli P Zero tires, a high-quality choice for racing. These N-rated, track-specific tyres are new for us, but we’re optimistic about their performance.

So, join us this Saturday during the qualifying in the morning and two 20-minute races in the afternoon. The outcome is uncertain, but we’re confident it will be exciting. If you’re at the track, please do come and say hi. Your support may be the extra boost we need.

In the world of Porsche, whether it’s on the racetrack or on a thrilling European adventure, the connections we make and the memories we create are what truly drive us forward.

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