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How to choose a restoration partner

Restoration, whether it’s large, small, or complex, who you choose is key to success.

After all, you can’t be watching them through every process, and you need to trust the quality of the work and the recommendations they give. You will be in a relationship where that trust is essential.

This guide will give you some tips & advice that could save you thousands, and help you avoid the traps. It’s happened to us, and we witness it regularly.

Although we have been involved with Porsche for decades, we have previously been caught out like kippers, and we’ve had to learn the hard way…so, we decided to create our own restoration department because of our experience.  This is what happened.

We should have known better…

Having purchased a couple of early 911, we were excited to revive them. We engaged a shop

with an equally enthusiastic chap at the helm.

Our enthusiasm overlooked the reality, it took us 6 months for the truth to begin to dawn on us.

Progress seemed slow, and clear answers were hard to get. We wasted hours calling, emailing, and visiting. We wasted thousands of pounds and gave ourselves sleepless nights.

Since that miserable experience, we started our own restoration department, and you may be surprised to learn that over 50% of the larger jobs we tackle come from clients who have suffered a failed restoration, or a bad experience.

Your restoration, or special build, should be a pleasure, working with the craftsmen, and seeing your dreams coming to life.

This free guide may help you avoid the same issues.



After you complete the form, you will receive a PDF document directly to your Inbox within a couple of hours. If you do not receive it, something has gone amiss, so please e-mail and we will forward you the guide.

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How to Choose a Restoration Partner.

This guide will help you in choosing a restoration partner, and applies if you are seeking a full restoration, bespoke build, major repairs, or major modifications.

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