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Last of the Air Cooled Porsche

This particular 993 is believed to be the last RHD Carrera 4 cabriolet supplied. It has minimal mileage, and offers a very rare opportunity.

We believe that the 993 is currently undervalued, and is going to gather momentum. It will be recognised as the very best of all air cooled 911. Buy now whilst you can, but buy wisely. 

The systematic progression of the 911 was never better portrayed than in the 993. The engine evolved from the very earliest days of air cooled Porsche. After decades of development, both on track and in road car production, the 993 was really well sorted. It produced reliable power and durability that others could only dream about.

So, why was it replaced? Well, water cooling gave some technical advantages; engine temperatures could be better controlled, for more efficient running, and the sound absorbing water jacket was favourable with the Government’s stricter noise regulations. It was the final nail in the coffin for the air cooled era.

However, waste not want not…the guts of the engine were always very strong. Motorsport had already developed water cooling technology for the turbocharged race cars. So, for the GT3, GT2, and turbo models of the 996 and later, the 997, the engine infrastructure was utilised, but now with cooling water jackets. In fact, the engineering was so sound, it was used in the GT1 race car.

The road going 996 received the ‘all new’ 6 cylinder water cooled engine. In the first instance, this 3.4 litre produced 300 hp, versus 285 hp in the outgoing 3.6 litre 993, and continued the ethos of improving efficiency and performance with each new generation. 

There is no doubt many of us would ever stress a classic 993 to the limit. However, you can rest assured that these cars had real durability, impressive engineering, high build quality, and a soundtrack that can never be repeated. 

Feelings and senses are greatly satisfied with a 993. 

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