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Make Your Porsche Dream A Reality

Making your Porsche dream a reality…how can you afford it?

It has not gone unnoticed that interest rates have risen, and of course that is a focus for buyers.

Whilst wrapped up in the excitement of buying a new addition to the garage, the resulting monthly payments are easy to consider, but the true cost of ownership is surely more important? The interest rate is only one part of the actual costs of car ownership

Customers often mention they are looking to buy a 911 because prices “don’t go down”. Is that actually true though?…it depends.

How about these examples of Porsche prices: *(prices approximate)

  • 1992 964 convertible in 2001 £26000, today worth approximately £55,000
  • 1992 964 RS was being sold at £29950 in 1998, today that car is worth between £150,000 and £200,000
  • 1996 993 C4 cabrio in 2017 was £47995, today it’s at least £47995
  • 2007 997 Cabrio tip 3.6 was £29995, and now £29995 but likely to improve.
  • 2013 991 coupe was £57000 in 2019, and now £47995
This is one of Adrian’s adverts published in the Autotrader in 1998:

Most used Porsche do pretty well if looked after. Porsche typically do not ‘discount’ or ‘over produce’, it’s a good brand that has longevity and popularity wherever the age of the car.  As they get older, so they transact less frequently leading to supply vs demand falling in their favour. Quality is such that irrespective of age, there is a ready market.

Depreciation is for the more ‘normal’ models and is at its most steep when the cars are new, with it gradually easing thereafter, so choosing a pre-owned helps mitigate depreciation.

So, interest rates are only a part of the story, you have depreciation (or appreciation), running costs (all motoring has running costs), plus some other factors that do not fit in the spreadsheet – although, these factors might be the most important of all.

Those factors are the ownership experience, the friends you make, the excitement, the pride, and the memories you collect. These are truly the priceless things that do not fit on the spreadsheet. Your best ‘value’ Porsche is the one you really love, are immensely proud of, and that you will remember forever.

Can we help put a Porsche on your driveway?

There are now some very attractive funding for qualifying individuals, or if you have an existing higher value Porsche or collectible that you would like to fund? Either way, an informal chat about what is possible, is a phone call away. 

Below are a couple of examples to illustrate just how flexible and affordable financing* can be. We recently quoted on a couple of classics:

  1. A car that costs around £85,000 was available for well under £340 per month for 36 months. In this example, it was a 50% deposit and the final 50% paid as a balloon payment.
  2. Another example was for a racing car that was priced at around £40,000, with a deposit of £20,000 and 60 payments of under £450.

Either complete the finance enquiry form (enquiry Only / no credit check), or give us a call to discuss your options.

Can we help you make your dream a reality

*We are a credit broker not a lender and can introduce you to a number of lenders. Introducing you to a number of lenders means we may receive a commission. Lenders pay commission at different rates either as a fixed fee or as a fixed percentage of the amount you borrow. The commission that we receive does not affect the amount that you pay to the lender under the credit agreement. Credit subject to status.

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