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Porsche are just perfect for creating memories.

Our visit to France at the weekend was another memorable adventure to never be forgotten, and a great example of how versatile, and fun, a Porsche can be.

Five Williams Crawford Porsche descended on the same location for a hillclimb in France. The course runs along a D-road in a valley, plenty of twists and turns, many of them blind, and with two notorious bends to catch out the ambitious. Times are to a 1000th of a second, the fastest part along the twisty, blind 3.2 km valley road wins.

Our camp took different approaches to the challenge. Adrian and Steve each drove a classic 911 SC from 1978 and 1981, they simply filled with fuel in Plymouth, hopped on the ferry, and drove to and from the event, squeezing every drop of performance from their cars before driving them home. In fact, Adrian went for a little holiday to the coast and clocked up 1000 km in total.

Meanwhile, Richard, Rob and Keith all had their cars on trailers, the GT3 cup car and the GT4 Clubsport being full-on racers, they would be the fastest and most focused. Keith took his 914 by trailer, and by his own admission rather regretted not having the pleasure of the drive there and back.

The impressive thing is that these five cars all proved 100% reliable and competitive. Richard won his class in the 997 GT3 CUP car, Rob was second in class with his GT4 race car, Adrian was lumped into the same class with his 911 SC and got a third, whilst Steve took fifth in his similar 911 SC, split only by a Metro 6R4. Keith came in 12th with the 914, however points don’t always correspond to the pleasure…and Keith appeared to enjoy as much as anyone could.

The best run counts, and the results were RW 1:41.904 with a mid-point speed trap of 147kmh, Rob 1.43.640 and 162kmh, Adrian 1.47.871 with 141 kmh, Steve 1.52.262 and 138.46 kmh, Keith in the 914 posted 2.05.992 at 111kmh speed trap.

Steve got the prize for using every inch of road…without actually putting a mark on the car, even the crowd gasped, and the commentator shouted ‘oh la la!’ Good work Steve. (See pic below – red 911)

Given good maintenance these Porsche, whatever the age can power you towards adventures you will never forget.

Whether it’s a trip to Italy, a visit to a track, a gentle drive through the French vineyards, or a month-long tour, a good Porsche is perfect for this.

If you have one gathering dust in the garage…get it out, let us check her over, and book yourself on an adventure.

We love helping people with their dreams, either supplying the right car for them, preparing their car for road or competition, or finding a new home if it’s sitting unused…just get in touch with us.

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