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Porsche Buying Tips

The Head or the Heart.

No one ‘needs’ a Porsche, there are other means of ‘transportation’.  Purchase one that you love, and one that you can see use for. The biggest expense would be buying the wrong car, in the wrong condition, and from the wrong seller. The lowest cost? The one you absolutely love and that adds something invaluable to your life. 

We all have different reasons and ideas why we want to buy a Porsche, and if you discuss them with one of our team, they will help, guide, and assist you in a decision that is right for you.

It’s a big purchase…

So it’s worth getting ‘right’. When you do, a Porsche is an absolute pleasure, something that makes you feel great every time you climb behind the wheel.

Buying the right Porsche, the one that suits your nature, your lifestyle and your intended use is paramount. 

When you are buying, phrases like ‘good condition’ are bandied around, but do they have any substance?

Warranties are often mentioned but not explained. What use are they?

Quality varies, even main dealer standards are not uniform. Humans are involved; therefore, judgements can be wrong, and errors made. Is your ‘fully checked’ Porsche the same as the next ‘fully checked’ Porsche?

If you are interested in an older model or a classic, the expertise required increases dramatically, and the number of ‘experts’ reduce.

Here’s our top ten tips when buying a Porsche.
  1. Is it the right model and specification to suit your intended use or lifestyle?
  2. Can you ascertain the real condition from the information you are given?
  3. Do you know the most important technical questions that should be asked for that specific model?
  4. Is it the right condition for what you want?  Most Porsche ‘look’ nice.
  5. What checks can you perform?
  6. What reassurance, or warranty comes with the vehicle?
  7. How do you ‘access’ that warranty and is it worth the paper?
  8. What level of preparation has been done, or will be included?
  9. Is the seller or supplier trusted or known to you? (Check reputation with Google)
  10. Does the seller have the expertise to properly assess the car in question?

If you’re worried about buying the ‘right’ Porsche for you, and think you might need some expert help, our Porsche Finder Service could be perfect for you.


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