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Upgrading your Porsche sound & communication system

This technology has really moved forward and is probably the one thing that dates some of our cars. For our classic Porsche customers, we can offer units that resemble those that would have been ‘original’ but have added functionality (Bluetooth, satnav, etc.) built in.

For our young-timers and moderns we can upgrade to various head units that integrate seamlessly with the original dash and the original wiring yet provide massive benefits to functionality.

This video shows the unit fitted to a 981, but could be integrated into 991, Cayenne, Macan, 997, 987 and even 996 986.

Whether you already have a single ‘din’ unit, or the larger navigation (PCM) fitted, there is something for you. This upgrade is all done without cutting wires or disrupting the dash or aesthetics. Multi-function steering wheel controls can be integrated, Bose or normal sound systems can benefit from improved clarity, and we could, at the same time upgrade those old speakers.

You end up with a slick looking, easy to operate system, that sounds better, has better navigation options, Bluetooth and more.

These are really impressive, and our team will install with the utmost care.


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