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What Makes a GT Porsche Special?

The concept from day one was to produce a car for the pleasure of the driver, everything else was secondary. That philosophy runs through all 70+ years of Porsche cars.

Nowhere is that concept more intense than on the GT range of Porsche. Where other manufacturers have glued GT badges on the mundane, a Porsche GT car means something. It means its directly related to Motorsport.

All Porsche benefit from the lessons learned and the advances discovered whilst competing in Motorsport, but it is in the GT cars where this is most obvious.

The 997 GT3 3.8 RS here, and in the video, is a great example of the above. Immediately you get behind the wheel, you can feel the connection to the machine. The ergonomics, the clarity of the dials, the comfortable yet snug fit of the seat, and on the move…the purity of response. With no hesitation, this car does whatever you command it too immediately.

In fact, you could easily imagine yourself to be behind the wheel of a race car, though the hardships of a pure race car are missing. For this machine has the comfort and refinement that may add a little weight but will be much appreciated once on the road.

You don’t even need to be travelling at the 190mph+ that this Porsche is capable of. Simply going to the shops, you can clearly understand the attraction. The clarity of response, the purity, and the precision of this car is just like holding a beautiful pen versus an everyday biro…they both write, but one feels special. That’s Porsche, and that is more intense here with the GT.

Occasionally we get asked ‘What’s the point of a 190-mph car in today’s world?’. It’s a fair question, and we couldn’t advocate testing the maximum performance of a GT3 RS on the road, however, along with the outrageous top speed capability, you also get 190mph brakes, suspension, steering, and aerodynamics…more than enough to keep you planted on the road. When you escape to places where you have ‘freedom’, this car comes alive in your hands, and you will fully comprehend how special a GT3 is.

A 997 GT3 is capable in ways few other supercars can manage. It could be on track hour after hour and not need a break. Porsche are expert at what it takes to win long distance races. In fact, when launched, Porsche entered a standard GT3 RS, just like this, in the 12 hours of Nurburgring, and drove it home afterwards.

Are they a sensible purchase?  Sensible is different for everyone, but we can help you appeal to to the head. Good examples are super rare, and whilst the current asking price is not small, ask yourself, where will it be in another 5 years or 10 years? Less or more? We can’t help looking at things like 993 RS (circa £350-400k) or the iconic 1973 2.7 RS (circa £500k+)

We think long term attractiveness from a true motorsport derived Porsche, will be a major factor, but combined with immense driving appeal, proven build quality, strong, and the fact it is easy to maintain, will all go towards that long term attractiveness, and hence security of value.

Details also add value, and in the case of our example, the colour, white is rare, cosmetic condition is obviously important, the ownership history (main owner for over 12 Years), the full main dealer history, technical condition (always under Porsche warranty), and of course mileage and specification.

Can you afford it? Surprisingly, funding for a special Porsche like this is much more accessible than you may think. We partner with Classic & Sports Finance, and for qualifying individuals, there are really interesting offers – including, low monthly payments & large balloon payments, and this is because the lender can see security in the long-term value. Examples of typical quotes, can be found HERE.

Few people can ever experience cars such as this, so if you are in the right place in life to do so, do it now…we are here to help. Pick up the phone and let us make it happen.

Just Imagine.

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